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Routes & Schedules

How to Ride the Bus

  1. Check the map or the app (|) to find the stop closest to you.
  2. Make sure to be at the bus stop before the bus gets there! Use our Real-Time tracking to help.
  3. When the bus arrives, check the route name and number on the bus to make sure it’s the bus you want.  Not sure?  Ask the driver, we’re happy to help!
  4. Let people off the bus before you get on the bus.
  5. Get on!  You do not need to show your TXST ID or pay a fare.
  6. When your stop is about a block away, pull the yellow cord to let the driver know that you want the bus to stop.
  7. When the bus stops, check where you were sitting to make sure you left nothing behind. Be sure to watch your step as you get off the bus.