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Frequently Asked Questions

Where and When to ride the Bobcat Shuttle

How can I find out where the buses go?
Maps are located throughout campus at major bus hubs. You can also check online at Individual route brochures are available for download from Bobcat Shuttle website.
Can I track the shuttles online via a GPS system?
Each tram in our fleet is equipped with a GPS unit. Track the buses using the official Texas State University App for your smartphone, or go online to
Do the shuttles run on weekends?
The Bobcat Shuttle runs a modified schedule on Saturday with five bus routes:  Routes 60-66 provide service to most City and Campus bus stops.  Route 68 provides service to retail establishments in San Marcos, including the Outlet Malls.
Is there an airport shuttle?
Texas State University does not provide service to Austin-Bergstrom International Airport or San Antonio International Airport at this time.
Is there a shuttle to football games?
Football shuttle service for home football games during picks up at the LBJ Student Center and San Jacinto Hall, (across from Wood Street garage), and drop off on Charles Austin Dr. near the Football stadium. Game dates and service dates are available on the Athletics website
I can't ever seem to find parking anywhere at the stadium, what am I supposed to do?
Mill Street Commuter lot contains hundreds of parking spaces available each day. Route 12 - Bobcat Village runs between the Mill Street Commuter lot, the Quad Bus Loop, and the LBJ Student Center Bus Loop.

How to ride the Bobcat Shuttle

What does riding the shuttle cost?
Registered students pay a one-time bus fee per semester with their University Tuition and Fees. There is no cash fare every time you use the bus.
Do I need a student ID to ride?
It is not necessary to present your student ID to board the bus.
May I request a stop at any point on the route?
When you request a stop, the bus driver will stop to allow passengers to exit at the next Bobcat Shuttle stop on the route. The Bobcat Shuttle will not stop somewhere other than a Bobcat Shuttle stop.
Can I flag down the bus if I am not at a Bobcat Shuttle stop?
The Bobcat Shuttle will not stop anywhere other than a Bobcat Shuttle stop.
May I bring my bike on the bus?
Although bikes are not allowed inside the bus, many of the Bobcat Shuttle buses are equipped with bike racks on the front of the bus. Bus front bicycle racks hold two bicycles and are first-come, first-serve.
How does Bobcat Shuttle accommodate individuals with disabilities?
All Bobcat Shuttle buses are ADA compliant and are wheelchair accessible.
For those unable to use existing fixed routes provided by the Bobcat Shuttle or CARTS local service, CARTS provides curb-to-curb service, in San Marcos to eligible passengers. Call CARTS at 800-456-RIDE (7433) for eligibility requirements and to schedule your ride.
What happens when the weather is bad?
If the weather is so bad that the Bobcat Shuttle needs to make route changes or suspend service, please look for updates from the University News Service, the Shuttle website, or UPD.
I was late for my class, what can be done about that?
Students need to make sure they arrive to their stop early. Trains and traffic cause delays and are out of Bobcat Shuttle control. If all students arrive ten minutes before their class begins then a capacity overload will be seen. If you arrive early this helps to better spread the capacity of students on each bus.
What if the bus is full?
Our buses serve thousands of students every day, and do fill up on occasion. Don’t worry, though! Another bus should be around shortly! Every route has several buses on it, which arrive at approximately 10 minute or less intervals.

Problems with riding the Bobcat Shuttle

Who can I call if I have a question or need to report a problem?
Call Transportation Services at (512) 245-5555 between 8am and 5pm. For after-hours issues, please contact Transdev (512) 353-0592
What do I do if I've lost something on one of the shuttles?
Please contact Transdev (512) 353-0592 or the University Police Department information desk at (512) 245-8686